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The Reclaimer - Reclaimed Wood - Los Angeles - Serving Southern California and conveniently locate near Santa Barbara, Orange and San Diego Counties. We offer a large selection of Reclaimed Wood Products including reclaimed lumber, old growth Douglas fir, antique beams, historic wood, recycled wood, salvaged timber, vintage wood floors, wood slabs and reclaimed flooring…diverting tons of wood from the waste stream each year…we get our wood through various sources, including deconstruction, urban timber, fire kill, standing dead and barn wood,  our firm does the actual deconstruction of buildings or we work in conjunction with demolition and deconstruction firms.

After the deconstruction phase we bring the wood back to are milling facility where we sort, grade, denail, and, in some cases, mill... all in preparation to sell the finished product.

We sell reclaimed Douglas Fir, Pine, White Oak, Red Oak, Black Oak, Maple, Elm, Eucalyptus, etc. Our reclaimed wood products are 100% recycled content and provide chain of custody statements for LEED certification. We can meet any reclaimed wood need : large dimensional timbers, standard lumber, flooring, custom milled products, custom doors… even custom-made tables. 

We work with reclaimed wood because it is good for the environment. Billions of board feet of wood goes into our land fills every year... not only is this a tragic waste of resources, but a lot of this wood is rare, old growth material (often hundreds of years old) with a character that cannot be matched by newer material.

Old Growth Douglas Fir is superior to newly milled wood in many ways... Not the least of which being appearance. Almost all reclaimed wood on the market today is recycled virgin-forest slow-growth timber -- giving it a tight grain structure that is far stronger than today's fast-growth softwoods. In addition, the grain structure and patina of old-reclaimed boards is far more visually pleasing in many applications than newly cut and milled wood.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality and service to our clients.

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