Reclaimed Wood Los Angeles - Reclaimed Timber


Long thought to be THE structural timber, its reputation is built on solid evidence. Lightweight, with long wood fibers, Douglas Fir is truly the structural timber of choice for builders. The light color of the wood along with its beautiful grain pattern make Douglas Fir a good choice not only for its structural integrity but also for it’s beauty.

Premium Grade:

Our highest grade, premium is defined as follows: Small to medium sized infrequent knots, minimal surface checking, minimal seasoning checking, mixed grain. Expect nail holes, nail stain and rows of nail holes/nail stains on one face or edge. Larger dimensions (8” and larger) may have through bolt holes and larger knots. You can expect seasoning checks in larger dimensions as well.

Standard Grade:

This grade is defined as follows: Medium to large scattered knots, regular drying checks and seasoning checks expected. Mixed grain with nail holes, nail stains, bolt holes and rows of nail stains/nail holes on one face AND one edge expected. Larger dimensions (8” and larger) can expect through bolt holes and larger knots as well as deeper seasoning checks.